All health and social care services are involved in the Success Regime, including over 180 GP practices, community services, mental health, social care and hospital services.

Five clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)

Clinical commissioning groups are groups of GPs and clinicians who plan and buy health services on your behalf. They receive money from the Government each year to meet the health needs of their local population. The agree contracts for services from provider organisations, such as hospitals, community and mental health services.

The CCGs in the Mid and South Essex Success regime are:

Three local authorities with responsibility for social care

Programme governance

The Mid and South Essex Success Regime has a programme board led by an independent clinical chair and with representatives from health, social care and service users. The programme board challenges and steers the delivery of plans.

A programme executive reports to the programme board and is accountable for delivery of the STP and Success Regime plans.

The following leadership groups, with members from both health and social care, report to the programme executive:

  • Finance Oversight Group
  • Programme strategy, management and communications
  • Local health and care programme
  • In hospital programme

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