Service User Advisory Group

The Service Users Advisory Group is an unlimited group of members of people who are active and in our local communities.

The Group is made up of volunteers from existing patient and public representative groups, although the membership remains open to anyone who may be interested.

Group members tend to be experienced in public representative work associated with health and care and have networks of contacts in their local communities.

Role of the Group

The Service User Advisory Group has three main roles:

• To advise on action plans and methods for engagement

• To advise on materials for communicating with local people, such as leaflets, documents and presentations

• To help promote local awareness and engagement in the work of the Success Regime through connections with other groups and networks in local communities.

How the Group works

The Group meets four times a year. In between meetings, the advice of Group members may be sought through written correspondence, emails, surveys and telephone.

A sub-group meets between full group meetings to help with actions and progress.

If you are interested in joining the group, please email us at: